Two To the Table is about 2 sisters, with 2 focuses.
The 2 Focuses:
1.Adapting delicious looking, non vegetarian recipes to make them work for a vegetarian/vegan diet.
2.Avoiding recipes that rely heavily on meat and dairy imitators (soy cheese, soy based meat crumbles and the like). Don’t get us wrong, some meat/dairy imitators can be pretty appetizing, but we tend to skip over them for a few reasons. First, if you’re not fortunate enough to live in an area where your neighborhood supermarket carries such items, they can require a special trip to a local, or not so local, health food store. Second, “healthy” or “specialty” items tend to carry a higher price tag, at least in our neck of the woods. Budget-friendly ingredients are our friends! Third, as part of being committed to eating healthy, we prefer to avoid overly processed foods when possible. That’s not to say you’ll never find a recipe on this site that calls for processed ingredients, but we hope to offer many plant based alternatives when possible!

The 2 Sisters:
Katie: I switched to plant based eating while searching for a healthier lifestyle. I’ve discovered several great vegan websites in my search for new recipes, but have noticed that many tend to include processed ingredients, or hard to find items. My goal is to provide healthy plant based recipes with easy to find ingredients.

Rachael: Not quite a year ago, I switched to eating mostly pescatarian (vegetarian + fish) after learning about many of the health benefits of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. While I have a few vegetarian/vegan recipes that I love, I was disappointed at how difficult it was to find simple, delicious recipes that didn’t use animal products. I’m looking forward to finding and creating some excellent vegetarian recipes that are healthy and relatively simple.


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